About Carlsson Properties

We are a 3rd generation family run business, where a commitment to providing an honest, high quality, reliable and transparent approach to business is central to everything we do.

Previous generations have operated in a variety of business sectors and since the mid nineteen eighties the focus has been on property related activities, with our sister company, dfe Property Development being active in the residential property market. The current business is now focused on building contracting as our main activity alongside other subsidiary property related activities including property development and investment.

Carlsson Properties is managed by two brothers, Andrew and Peter Mauritzen, whose complimentary roles enable the business to offer an all encompassing service to its clients, which is underpinned by professionalism, quality work and attention to detail. Our family run business provides a personal yet professional service, which has been built on continuous recommendation, repeat custom and quality workmanship.

We strive to be as efficient as possible in every area of our work, and to that end we aim to be as considerate to not only our clients and everyone that we come into contact with, but to the environment too. By thinking and operating in a sustainable manner, we endeavour to reduce our overall footprint as a business.

We treat Health and Safety issues with the respect that they deserve, and with the philosophy of personal care and attention at the foremost of our minds, we aim to reduce the potential for accidents for our workforce and all who may come into contact with our operations.